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To: Doc Searls -

Cc: Dave Winer -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 01 Nov 2018 12:00 CDT

Subject: myway011 - That's A Generality...

A general statement, false by definition, used to express one's feelings about the subject.

Dave wrote:

I want to say, again, don't make men responsible for Trump. We all find him comfortable because we all were raised in an abusive environment. Ask Lakoff about it. It's a truth we don't want to face, but if we want to grow, to evolve, to get past Trump, we must face it. We must learn to move on, but not forget. 

That is a generality, the emphasized sentence above. 

Speak for yourself, Dave -- I don't find Trump comfortable, whatever that means. and I definitely was not raised in an abusive environment. My mother Nursema Helen Skoglund and my teacher, Mrs. Beck, for K thru 6th grade, did a pretty good job, IMHO. Besides, I believe that we need to learn how to talk-about-it, without being a bore. 

I am sorry, Dave, that you were not as fortunate; however, you are still responsible for your behavior, like all the rest of us.

To be continued -

I really believe in public discussion; however, Email is the best process for my software in it's present state. Please put a "MYWAY" in your title to get my attention. rest assured, I am working on a better system.

Doug Skoglund

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