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To: Senator Tina Smith - @SenTinaSmith

Cc: Senator Amy Klobuchar - @amyklobuchar

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 20 Jun 2018 12:00 CST

Subject: myway004 - NOBODY CARES!!!

The fact of the matter is that nobody seems to understand how to care for another person. Obviously, we all know how to care for oneself -- our egos will take care of our personal needs.

Now, both of you gals are adept at caring for yourself, and you seem to think that will get you elected. Please, don't hold your breath -- You are living in the 21st century as though you were still in the 20th century. You are using the 21st century  technology to communicate with your voters while you should be using that technology to allow your voters to communicate with you.

It just blows my mind -- we are talking about "Free Speech". What are each one of you Politicians doing to promote "Free Speech" for your constituents??

Tina, look at it this way. How much money would you invest in a politician that didn't want to hear from you. I sent you $50 on your first request. What have I received in return but a bunch of requests from politicians from other states. Not one return on my attempts to make contact.

Now, I well understand the reluctance on your part -- how to respond to the inflow you are likely to receive. Well, you don't. You set up a server to receive the input, allowing the correspondents to respond to each other. Thus allowing you to respond to the flow of the crowd, with a little help from your staff.

Please - please - Think About It!!!

 Do You Really Care??

To be continued -

I really believe in public discussion; however, Email is the best process for my software in it's present state. Please put a "MYWAY" in your title to get my attention. rest assured, I am working on a better system.

Doug Skoglund

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