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To: Whom it may concern

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 07 Jun 2018 12:00 CST

Subject: myway002 - AMENDMENT III...

There was a very interesting post at on May 18, 2018, concerning the "course of technology", and I quote:

Nineteen-ninety-eight changed the course of technology, which is to say that it changed the course of history. A nearly bankrupt relic of '80s tech nostalgia released a gumdrop-shaped PC called the iMac. An innovative search engine originally known as BackRub became a company with an even stranger name. A fast-growing online bookstore hatched a plan to start selling, well, everything.

In hindsight, these were tectonic shifts, but they hardly registered as tremors compared to the earthquake emanating from Washington, D.C. On May 18, 1998, the U.S. Justice Department and 20 state attorneys general filed an antitrust suit against the most powerful tech company in America: Microsoft.

At a splashy press conference on May 18, 1998, Attorney General Janet Reno claimed that Microsoft had "used its monopoly power to develop a choke hold on the browser software needed to access the internet." That day the Department of Justice and 20 state attorneys general formally filed their complaint against Microsoft. Five months later, on the first day of the trial, lead prosecutor David Boies made a videotaped deposition of Bill Gates the centerpiece of his opening arguments.

Emphasis, mine. The entire post is about the shenanigans necessary to control the distribution of the browser software,  without evaluating that software. What is it, what does it do, and why is it needed to access the internet??

I. My Windows software can access the internet using standard calls provided by the language and operating system in use. I used to access NYT opinion columns (after paying a fee) until NYT insisted that I use a Browser. Needless to say that I no longer access NYT Opinion Columns. Please note that NYT is not the only one insisting that I use a browser to access their website.

Now, why are various websites insisting that people use a browser to access their website?? I believe that they want to reprogram my computer and I don't want anybody reprogramming my computer. Granted, that some of that programming is harmless; however, I program my computer to operate the way that I want and I don't want anybody screwing around with my programs. Besides, how can one know the purpose of the external programming??

II. The Browser reads and acts upon <scripts> -- which are used to reprogram your computer. Obviously, with programming capability, the site that you are visiting has the ability to get at any information you may have stored on your computer. 

III. I believe that capability is a violation of Amendment III, of the Constitution. And if it isin't, it should be!!

To be continued -

I really believe in public discussion; however, Email is the best process for my software in it's present state. Please put a "MYWAY" in your title to get my attention. rest assured, I am working on a better system.

Doug Skoglund

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