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To: Doc Searls -

Cc: Dave Winer -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 25 May 2018 12:00 CST

Subject: myway000 - I Need Your Help...

Dave, on your May 21st post you wrote:

A 15-minute podcast explains why I'm finished waiting for journalism or the Democrats to lead us out of the abyss. We don't have to be riveted on the stream of minutiae coming out of journalism. Instead we have to organize and get the focus where it belongs, on the people. We're considered spectators, part of a wave that might or might not exist. The only way out of this for the people to organize. And that means doing things, not just watching.

Dave, I agree, but who is going to do the organizing? I propose that the three of us work on it. You, for your Programming knowledge, Doc, for your Writing Ability and connection with Linux and I for my Engineering and programming experience.

I am suggesting that domains be "Private" and that we need a "Public" domain to provide for public discussions. That of course would solve the problem of "Free Speech" If we can get the people communicating with each other in a public domain, running under public control, they will organize themselves.  

Dave, you also wrote:

A Guardian piece about blogging at Harvard in 2003. I was pretty radical back then. But you see Twitter as an extension of blogging, pretty much everything I said actually happened. I thought there was a chance of journalism getting on board, that seems so naive today. I've become a lot more cynical, for good cause.

I read that Guardian piece and I quote:

"If I were in your business," Winer tells me, "I'd embrace this stuff as quickly as I could, and make the changes that it requires of you. The changes are going to come. Every industry that has ever had to deal with this has learned the lessons. 

Changes will come, no question; however, what those changes are, will be the ultimate result of our democratic process, in all it's glory. If You, Doc or I desire some kind of change, we have to influence the voters to elect the right (in our judgment) politicians.

The problem is that we have voters and politicians that can't get together on defining the problems, much less solving them. So, the question becomes, "Can the three of us get together enough to influence the voters"?

I believe that we can, if we really want to, - the whole process depending on our ability to  create a program we both can use. We need Doc, the story teller, to keep the public involved. Besides, Doc's Connection with Linux Journal can be very helpful. 

Dave, per your desires, I will look for your response in Scripting News.

Doc, Email is just fine. A note to Dave would be helpful, in case Dave still has me blocked.

Thanks, fellows...Let's Talk About It...

Doug Skoglund

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