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To: Barry Kibrick -

From: Doug Skoglund  -

Date: 19 Oct 2017 13:00 CDT

Subject: Note to Barry Kibrick VI

I have just finished viewing my copy of your Tuesday broadcast of  your interview of Gillian Hadfield and her "Rules for a Flat World." She has done a great job explaining her view of our problems and you did a great job interviewing her.

Unfortunately the experience only emphasizes the shortcomings of the entire process as an educational tool. Normally, in the old days, I would buy the book; however, that route is of no value, what with the Personal Computer and my ability to program.

First, I need a Transcript that I can mark up for future reference, providing Keywords for future access and discussion. (The word, Validate, has great meaning for me as a member of the science community -- but I have no way to locate it in my recording).

Quotes are very important for any discussion and discussion is very important for understanding how other people interpret the same stuff -- and that is the best way -- at least for me.

BTW, I get the feeling that your test to get people to write was not successful -- since you failed to repeat the promise to respond. Of course, you failed to make a sensible test, sorry 'bout that...


Doug Skoglund

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