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To: Dave Winer -

Cc: Doc Searls -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 11 Aug 2017 12:00 CDT

Subject: Special Note to Dave & Doc...

Dave, you wrote:

I'd like to see a discussion among programmers of all types about how we can work together to help people. I think our software is being used in some bad ways and more are being contemplated. But I strongly believe that they can be used as a force for good.

And I would like to participate in that discussion. 

First, Doc has told me that writing to you is fruitless because you have me blocked. Obviously, that must be corrected if you truly mean what you write.

Second, we must understand that disagreement is not a judgment of another's intelligence. You and Doc are very, very wise individuals. Why else would I build a library full of your writings.

Third, my computer is a very personal tool; therefore, I want full control of that computer -- no Browsers with their scripts. And that includes storage of data. No external storage for me.

I, of course, prefer a data base as middle ware -- thus allowing more freedom for the ultimate user to adjust his/her system to serve his/her needs. It seems obvious to me that you have some kind of "thing", that I don't understand, about data bases -- I have no need to rub your sore; however, as a programmer and user, you can do all the Browser programming you wish -- and I can do all the Data Base programming I wish -- and then there are many areas between us for productive discussion -- Server Operation for one.

Let me give You an example -- Your August 10, post got me started on this post. You added a piece from James Damore that I would normally have missed since I am not connected to your update process. Of course, I now have two Aug 10 postings in my data base.

Sorry Doc, obviously, I have a lot more to discuss with both of you; however, supporting the Browser is the equivalent of abridging my access to free speech. We need to understand that President Trump is guilty of speaking in generalities -- talking about his feelings, instead of talking about the business of the United States -- and the press is too dumb to understand what is happening. (How is that for a generality??)

to be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

I don't provide for comments since that is a system designed to control the communication process -- I do provide an e-mail address!! (Please put a [MYWAY] in your title to get my attention).

BTW, I am working on a replacement system for individuals -- and I sure could use some help. Please see, a work-in-process.

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