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Date: 20 Feb 2017 11:00 CST

Subject: Get A Grip!!

I am sorry fellows, and Margaret, but we are now living in a new world under the general control of the scientists. If you want to continue having something to say about how we will govern ourselves, you will have to do it within the framework of a democracy as defined in the Constitution of the United States of America.

BTW, I use the term "scientist" very loosely, since  the world is now being run by a computer that was programmed by a bunch of college drop-outs.

We, each and every one of us, are responsible for that error -- therefore each and every one of us must participate in the changes necessary to support our democracy, right??

I acknowledge that my science community f**ked up, no question, with the help of your press community, the so-called watch-dogs. These two groups must start working together or there will never be a solution.

We must fix the Personal Computer/Internet Combo!!

We need a rock solid operating system feeding a standardized data-base middleware supporting a conglomeration of licensed application developers. The Internet is no different than the Highway System -- you need a drivers license to drive a licensed vehicle on the highways owned by the Government of the United States of America. Obviously, IMHO, to be determined by a democratic process.

Margaret Sullivan, from The Washington Post is concerned about a more current effect of the above problem.

For those who care about press rights in America, President Trump's words last week were stunning and disturbing.

The news media is not merely "scum," as he has said many times before, but now "the enemy of the American People."

This tweeted pronouncement, with its authoritarian echoes, came soon after Trump's vow to stamp out the unauthorized flow of intelligence-community information to journalists. "I've actually called the Justice Department to look into the leaks," he said. "Those are criminal leaks."

Add up these two elements and you get a troubling question: Will the Trump administration's crackdown on leaks include journalists as well as their sources?

Some knowledgeable lawyers and academics say it's unlikely.

"Right now, it's a deviant practice, certainly not in the ordinary course of business, to subpoena a journalist," said David Pozen, a Columbia University law professor who wrote the landmark study "The Leaky Leviathan: Why the Government Condemns and Condones Unlawful Disclosures of Information."

But, Pozen told me: "If we're in a new paradigm, that could change."

Obviously, since we really are in a new paradigm, the solution to the problem depends upon who leads the corrective process. Will it be Trump, Journalism or the Voters?? 

Need I say any more??

to be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

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