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To: Kyle Pope -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 18 Nov 2016 09:00 CST

Subject: Freedom of Speech...

First, some explanation: I am an 87 year young Engineer turned Programmer. I am a Report Writer, as opposed to Story Teller. I am also a new CJR Charter Member.

CJR appears to be on the right track -- if I understand the thinking behind the creation of the Charter Member concept. We have a lot of problems in the United States that I believe are a function of the differences between Journalism and Science -- thus my title, "The Science of Journalism."

The Anti-Science problem has existed for a very long time in the minds of a tremendous number of citizens. My personal experience goes back to September 1942 when I entered ninth grade at Edison High School in Minneapolis, MN. All  incoming students took a math/science test and those with good results got special treatment to get them to specialize in science in preparation for college.

That was a fundamental mistake for a country based on "all men are created equal" -- it ruined my high school experience -- and you can imagine how the non-science people felt. Math and Science is not a valid criteria for participation in any scientific endeavor. The validation of all scientific and non-scientific publications is a task for all citizens of any Democracy.

Obviously, there are many ramifications of the Anti-Science problem, including the abridgment of the Freedom of Speech, journalism's worst offence. We really need to do something about that offence. 

BTW, if you check my web site,, you will find all kinds of posts knocking the creation of the Personal Computer and The Internet in addition to the Media and Journalism. 

And yes, I have some software to sell -- software that never reads the user's mail.

to be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

I don't provide for comments since that is a system designed to abridge the freedom of speech -- I do provide an e-mail address!! (Please put a [MYWAY] in your title to get my attention).

BTW, I am working on a replacement system for individuals -- and I sure could use some help. Please see, a work-in-process.

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