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To: Liz Spayd -

Cc: Margaret Sullivan -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 11 Nov 2016 06:00 CST

Subject: Life in the 21st century...

The NYT would do well to plant some roots in Red America (Liz Spayd).

The media didn't want to believe Trump could win. so they looked the other way (Margaret Sullivan)

Well, ladies, you obviously recognize that something has happened -- the important question?? WHAT?? 

Your individual answer is important to you as well as your employer, of course; however, I see no evidence that your employer's are smart enough to adjust.

In effect, we now have a new political party -- PEOPLE FOR CHANGE (PFC). That party, whether organized or not, will be measuring all future political activity.

This, of course, means that we have a second party -- PEOPLE AGAINST CHANGE (PAC) -- the group of people presently protesting the election results.

The point is -- the very existence of NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST will depend upon their ability to serve both of these 21st century political parties -- a subject that I have been promoting for quite some time.

You have my permission to quote from my web postings.

to be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

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