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To: Liz Spayd -

Cc: Doug Skoglund -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 14 Jul 2016 14:00 CDT

Subject: SNAFU -- 

How to F*** Up the World

in Four Easy Lessons..

1) Roland G. Fryer, Jr writes a paper entitled, "An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force" in pdf format.

2) Amanda Cox writes a story entitled, "Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings" in html format.

3) Amanda Cox writes a story entitled, "Roland Fryer Answers Reader Questions About His Police Force Study" in html format.

4) Liz Spayd writes a story entitled. "Did a Hot-Button Upshot Story Lose Sight of the Readers?" if html format.

This is one person's (Liz Spayd) opinion about another person's (Amanda Cox) opinion about another person's (Roland Fryer) opinion -- and nobody knows how many editors had a hand in this mess. One thing for certain -- this is not the way to listen to your readers!!

I note the format to emphasize the need for standardizing, if you ever hope to get a productive discussion going.

Mr. Fryer is using pdf format for the convenience of his peer review group -- a very old process. Html is the accepted format for our 21st century peer review group, the citizens of the USA. BTW, you might have some discussion with Paul Krugman about the old style peer review.

The New York Times should require an html file from Mr. Fryer for publication without any editing. All participants in the new peer review process should submit compatible html files for publication

Special Note: I am assuming some extensive rework of the present html specification to remove all the code that is designed to program my computer -- but, that is another story.

This I Believe: This kind of open discussion will have some objectionable opinions that may need editing; however, most people will learn the bounds of acceptable discourse. To really listen to your readers, you need their open, honest, unedited opinions

Wake Up Dear Lady -- Wake Up!!!

to be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

I don't provide for comments since that is a system designed to control the communication process -- I do provide an e-mail address!! (Please put a [MYWAY] in your title to get my attention).

BTW, I am working on a replacement system for individuals -- and I sure could use some help. Please see, a work-in-process.

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