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To: Jason Pontin - address unknown

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 22 Apr 2016 10:00 CDT

Subject: TED TALK...

First: I picked up your name from a Blog posting by Dave Winer, whom I have been following for quite some time. I quote from Dave:

A long-time tech journalist Jason Pontin has a longstanding grudge with me about my use of the term Sources Go Direct.

I've never understood his issue. When he writes about it, and he has at length, he talks about how I don't understand advertising.

I followed Dave's link on the word, grudge, to a tweet of yours;

I've been saying so for 20 years, only to be laboriously condescended to by Dave, Clay, Mathew, et al.

Now that really shows the true value of Twitter -- a complete waste of time -- you and Dave have become a large part of the problem -- the inability to communicate.

I then did some digging and found your TED TALK on solving big problems. Obviously, I can't cover the entire talk -- so, here is a sample -- you said:

It's not true that we can't solve big problems through technology. We can, we must, but these four elements must all be present: Political leaders and the public must care to solve a problem; institutions must support its solution; It must really be a technological problem; and we must understand it.

And here is a sample response from J Doe:

Until technology can remap a brain to remove greed, we will never be thoughtful enough to technologize (yes its my word :D) ourselves out of our own way. Most, if not all, the technology I have seen simply allows someone to 'distract' themselves into complacency like a mindless zombie/sheeple.
The application of most technology is what is wrong. Its twisted motives bent on money, power, or both. Such as making a crop (many in fact) with pesticide resistance, so that very pesticide can be increased 1000 fold only to poison the planet and every living person on it. Its also great at things like heated seats, dvd touchscreen interfaces, satelite radio, reverse cameras, etc etc on automobiles, that force the base price to now cost 20+% of a very modest home mortgage.
Basically technology is being used to enslave us, or to perpetuate the slavery we are already in. While there are some acute anecdotal instances where technology is used for the greater purpose, these miniscule items pale compared to the many nefarious purposes for which technologies are being developed and implemented. 

I fear the only way to refocus us toward embracing technology to enhance the betterment of all, is to have a definitely PAINFUL reset. Take your pick as to the type, famine, war, plague, natural disaster; just make sure if you survive that you learn the importance of community and skills versus material possessions and status. 

Wow, there is an individual that has some feelings about the situation -- we need to learn how to put that energy to work -- and I believe that I know how to pull it off.

We need to start with the "state of the art," on "problem solving." There are people that have plowed a lot of ground on the subject and have published opinions -- I am personally familiar with the Kepner Tregoe people, having attended a couple of their seminars back in the late 60's (That's right, 1960's).

Their course was somewhat gimmicky at the time; however, I have a lot of ideas to throw into the pot. The crux of the process is to get concerned people talking to each other (in writing -- after all, look at what the Founders did with Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.)

We need to see Science and Democracy as processes so that we can create a Science of Democracy while we Democratize Science itself. We do that by fixing the problems created by the introduction of the Personal Computer and the Internet.

Break Here (to be continued)

I am back -- with a different motivation -- I would normally put this page on the back burner (do not publish) if I see it as a waste of time; however, I have decided to add a few more lines and publish, come hell or high water.

On the TED TALK there was a discussion between Steve Szabo and No Theory (that's a name?) that was interesting; however, a complete waste of time for the two participants as well as myself because of the inability of the TED TALK management to construct a useful tool for such activity -- nuff said.

Lastly, I picked up on your referral to in your response to James Calabrese -- no comment

Mr. Pontin:

I don't believe that you really want to solve any problems. If you did, you would have done some research on "Problem Solving" and then referred to that research since that is fundamental to the field of Science.

I terminate this page suggesting you read some of my posts -- see the Archive listing below.

To be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

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