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To: Lukas I. Alpert -

Cc: Jack Marshall -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 25 Dec 2015 09:00 am CST

Subject: 2015036 - WTF??

What the f*** do you guys use for brains??

I am serious. Your entire world has fallen apart and you don't seem able to understand what is happening to you and your occupation. You write about a man that has made great strides with his business -- enough to be able to buy into your business, lock, stock and barrel. And you can't seem, or don't want, to understand what he is doing.

Along comes another guy to point out what should have been obvious -- and you are too dumb to get the message.

Oh, wait a minute -- I forgot -- You work for the Wall Street Journal -- with its own unique motivation. You are a perfect example of the primary problem we have in this world. Obviously, you work for the guy that pays your salary.

Sorry 'bout that!!!

To be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

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