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To: Lukas I. Alpert -

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From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 23 Dec 2015 09:00 am CST

Subject: 2015035 - Jeff Bezos/Amazon...

Thanks, for the splendid piece about Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos; however, you missed the major reason for Mr. Bezos' success.

You wrote:

In the more than two years since Mr. Bezos bought the Post from the Graham family for $250 million, the billionaire founder has increasingly made his mark on how the paper is run. His focus on customer experience has become a near mandate within the news operation.

Take a look at one of the things he has done for Amazon and you can see the way forward for the Washington Post (as well as the Wall Street Journal) -- he has built a fantastic product database -- that he links to product searches on other databases (Google, for ezample).

Try it.  Type - Jabra Pro 9470 - into your Google search engine. You will see, close to the top, a link to Amazon's database where you can study the product and actually buy it, even from a different supplier.

What Mr. Bezos needs to do next is build an Opinion DataBase that people can access directly. He is toying with Facebook -- a mistake in my estimation. The Washington Post should be leading the way as apposed to "sucking hind tit." Obviously, the WSJ has the same needs.

The next step requires putting the databases (I want to transfer the information to my personal database - thus facilitating customer response to Amazon desire for follow-up) into the readers hands and allowing the readers to publish their opinions - and participate in the resultant discussion.

BTW - The News is a special type of Opinion, since the only thing that human beings can write is opinions. (This whole page is nothing more than an opinion - that is very important, to me). The Web, in it's present form, hinders reader expression, Mr. Bezos can lead the way to creating The Science of Journalism!!!!!

To be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

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