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To: Dave Winer -

Cc: Doc Searls -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 13 Sep 2015 06:00 am CDT

Subject: 2015030 - Oh no you don't, Dave...

From Scripting news, "The news wars of the 20-teens."

What an epic mess is brewing! And it's so freaking unnecessary. Getting out my popcorn, because I have no stake in this.

You are right about the epic mess -- and completely wrong about the necessity and your stake in it.

You are gambling that Google, Twitter and Publishers will fail to reach the most logical conclusion on how to speed up the web. And that they will fail to conclude that you are a large contributor to the speed problem. And continued blocking of my effort to identify the solution will not help your reputation. That, my friend is a very poor gamble. 

From New York Times, "Google, Twitter and Publishers Seek Faster Web"

Google is working with the social media service Twitter and major news publishers like The Guardian and The New York Times to create a new kind of web link and article storage system that would load online news articles and digital magazine pieces in a few milliseconds, according to several people involved in the project. That is a fraction of the five to 10 seconds it can take to load a typical website.

Since load time is directly related to file size, the first way to reduce load time is to decrease file size. And since my data indicates that the present web pages are about 20% content and 80% instruction for the Browser. 

Scrap the Browser!!

Obviously, in addition to loading, you would exchange browser operation time with the operation time of the replacing system. I recommend a process of compiling a form file for faster operation. Milliseconds -- well, that's questionable.

For the news organizations, this move would relieve the need for programming since the form system would simulate the old printing plate system where the target for a writer is a defined block of space, how it gets to the paper is irrelevant.

However, the purpose of this post is to enlist your help in contacting the people at Google. Please stop blocking my posts -- you might even consider sending a link to your friends at Google.

Obviously, better communication between you, Doc and myself could be profitable for all of us... You might even find that a return to C++ to be more rewarding than Java Script -- with a few fixes on Microsoft's part.

Scrap the Browser -- and watch the problems evaporate!!!!!

To be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

I don't provide for comments since that is a system designed to control the communication process -- I do provide an e-mail address!! (Please put a [MYWAY] in your title to get my attention).

BTW, I am working on a replacement system -- and I sure could use some help.

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