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Date: 05 Apr 2015 12:00 pm CDT

Subject: 2015012 - The Power Structure??

Any body that has ever read anything that I have written is well aware that I have a thing about problem solving. I have a thing because the process works. The problem solving process is really an adaptation  of the Scientific Process and we have all kinds of evidence that the scientific process works -- how else could we put a man on the moon and return him safely to the earth before the end of the 60's.

The problems at hand concern the present state of affairs over the entire world. A problem has been defined (by people far smarter than I) as the difference between an ideal and actual. Of course, the ideal is the figment of some individual's imagination. Which only means that the first step is the establishment of some kind of consensus -- it's not a factor of right vs. wrong -- it's only that the odds of success solving group problems without group help are pretty low.

The fact of the matter is that the definition of THE problem has been pretty well covered -- see, "Who Rules America - Power in America" by G. William Domhoff.

The power structure rules America -- and I must add that the power structure rules the world. I didn't vote for Barack Obama because of his treatment of his minister which convinced me that he couldn't be trusted. At the time I wrote that I didn't think the power structure would elect him because of that shortcoming. I was wrong -- the power structure elected him BECAUSE of that shortcoming. Obama is no dummy -- he can't be trusted by outsiders like myself because he is one of the insiders -- he knows where the money is.

So, how do we solve these problems?? Simple, we elect people that really do believe in democracy - and political party is NOT a valid criteria. There are believers and non-believers in both parties. The first step in any process requires you to honestly evaluate your personal position (purpose or motivation) -- are you part of the power structure or not??.

You then have to cooperate with like minded people to start a movement to get votes for the proper candidates, your vote is not enough -- and remember, a vote for Hillary is most likely a vote for the power structure. IMHO.

Oh, and you have ask a lot of WHY, since personal motivation is the crux of the problem and the wrong people have a tendency to hide or deceive people about their motivation.

To be continued (of course)

Doug Skoglund

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