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To: Glenn Greenwald -

Cc: Dan Froomkin -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 29 Jan 2015 12:00 pm CST

Subject: 2015005 - HI-MINDED HYPOCRISY...

Many thanks, Glenn, for your post entitled, "The Petulant Entitlement Syndrome of Journalists." A tremendous step forward -- you have identified many problems. 

However, I fear your inability to understand the entire process of problem solving continues to thwart any corrective action.

But first, let me clarify my motivation -- the above statement is an opinion -- designed to elicit additional discussion. I well understand that it could be an insult -- if I were angry with you -- or if you perceive me as being angry with you. You see, ultimately, you control your perception of my motivation -- no matter my construction of my opinion.

Now, you come very close to saying exactly the same thing, and I quote:

But the general journalistic complaint about uppity online hordes - and certainly Chait's epic whine - is grounded in a much more pedestrian and self-regarding concern: anger over being criticized in less than civil and respectful tones by people who lack any credentials (and thus entitlement) to do so.

I assure you that I have absolutely no need to insult you -- I am (almost) in complete agreement on (most) everything you have written. You do a marvelous job of identifying problems -- that never get solved.

But that problem seems to be a universal problem with the writing community -- you people are concerned with the What, Who, When and Where of an incident -- with very little concern for the Why and How. If you want to solve problems you must become more aware of the Why -- Why implies Cause -- you must do something about the cause of the problem.

Your last paragraph summarizes one simple aspect of the entire problem, and I quote:

Being aggressively, even unfairly, criticized isn't remotely tantamount to being silenced. People with large and influential platforms have a particular need for aggressive scrutiny and vibrant critique. The world would be vastly improved if we were never again subjected to the self-victimizing whining of highly compensated and empowered journalists about how upset they are that people say mean things online about them and their lovely and talented friends.

Sorry, Glenn, that is a simple wish -- not anywhere close to being a complete analysis of "The Problem." 

Obviously, neither is my short opinion -- I only want to get your attention!!!

There is a tremendous amount of Hi-Minded Hypocrisy on all sides of the problem. 

To be continued (I really hope) 

Doug Skoglund

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