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Date: 02 Sep 2014 04:00 am CDT

Subject: 2014025 - The Lost Decade...

You wrote:

Ten years. That's how far away in the past the Google IPO lies. Ten years of explosive growth for the digital world, ten gruesome years for legacy media. Here is the lost decade, revisited in charts and numbers.

The asymmetry is staggering. By every measure, the digital sphere grew explosively thanks to a combination of known factors: a massive influx of capital; the radical culture shift fostered by a "blank slate" approach; obsessive agility in search of new preys; flattened hierarchies; shrugged-off acceptance of failure; refocusing on the customer;  a keen sense of competition; heavy reliance to technology.

By showing neither appetite nor will to check theses boxes, the newspaper and magazine industry missed almost every possible train. In due fairness, some were impossible to catch. But legacy media stubbornly refused to overhaul their culture, they remained stuck in feudal hierarchies, invested way too late in tech. And, perhaps their cardinal sin, they kept treating failure as an abomination instead of an essential component of the innovation process.

Consequences have been terrible. Today, an entire industry stands on the verge of extinction.

I apologize for reproducing so much of your essay; however, it helps me make my point -- nothing about the contribution of the stupid journalist/writer types.

And, I'm not trying to insult you, only trying to get your attention -- you have heard the story of the donkey and the two by four??

Thank you for publishing your email address. I see that you have written a number of pieces that I will read -- if you are open for some discussion. Though I am not a writer, I have written an awful lot about the problem you describe -- as an engineer turned programmer.

I, obviously, don't know about your personal contribution, yet; however, I can write about your people's contribution -- or lack thereof.

You failed, miserably, as a watchdog working "for the people." Please see my piece on Jan 24, 1998, "Microsoft and the DOJ."

And, I have some ideas on solutions!!!!!

If you wish to do something about a problem, you have to work the causes of that problem -- and Microsoft is a big cause, Google is simply a part of the problem. Their success is a function of journalistic stupidity -- like taking candy from a baby.

To be continued (I really hope) 

Doug Skoglund

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