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To: Margaret Sullivan -

Cc: Doug Skoglund -

From: Doug Skoglund -

Date: 10 May 2014 00:00 am CST

Subject: 2014009 - Innovation Report...

We have always wanted the hallmark of our time to be leading our transition to a digital first newsroom. We are tantalizingly close, but as this report points out, there are urgent challenges still facing us. That urgency is a powerful message to the whole newsroom. Our focus over the next few years must be to lead us, with your help, to the next frontier of digital journalism where The New York Times leads in both quality and innovation.

The changes ahead will not be mysterious. The process will be transparent. We will soon be back to you with concrete next steps. With your help, we are excited about tackling the hard work ahead.


Jill and Dean

Congratulations Jill and Dean and Margaret -- you, obviously, have an interesting future before you. I only hope that you will include a large measure of help from outside sources. With that in mind, I want to plant a few thoughts for your consideration.

1) You will be spending a lot of money on software, so the first consideration is ownership and the control of future proceeds. Obviously, I recommend in-house development, subject to the opinion of your legal department, of course.

2) I believe that you need control of the distribution of your product -- and you can do that by establishing  an archive -- you publish to the archive and your customers retrieve from the archive. Copies retrieved from the archive are "legal copies" and all secondary copies are "illegal copies". The possession of an "illegal copy" without proof of ownership of a "legal copy" should be punishable. It would seem to me that this might be a good answer to all of our copyright problems.

3) The archive would be a Master Data Base available to all internet users. If you work out sharing arraignments with other publishers, and provide user data bases to your customers, I believe that you would recover much of the advertising you have lost to Google and other search engines.

4) The "Comment Problem" would be solved by providing access to a discussion option linked to each item in the archive database. IMHO, it is important that access to the discussion be equal to all qualified participants, writer vs. reader that is. The reader will be "publishing" her/his opinion as an equal to the original writer -- with some kind of remuneration to productive commenters.

5) My software is called PDMSB -- Personal Digital Multi-media ScrapBook -- can be examined and downloaded from Please understand that the present download is rather old revision -- I, obviously will provide a more recent version if you are interested in pursuing some kind of arraignment.

6) I am presently working on a server module in conjunction with the comment system (SAMinar - for SandS Application Machine seminar).

7) Just think about a future where each and every participant will have a unique domain and be connected to the internet as a server and a client -- no more spam since my server will refuse unauthorized contact -- and your messages will go directly to your nitch in my database -- AND, my medical and prescription records move into my database, under my control -- what more could an individual want??

8) That's about enough for now -- I hope that I have jogged your imagination. This page will be available as below; however, it will not be "published" per se.

To be continued (I hope) 

Doug Skoglund

I don't provide for comments since that is a system designed to control the communication process -- I do provide an e-mail address!! (Please put a [MYWAY] in your title to get my attention)

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